Baybayin Workshop

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Buwan ng Wika
Baybayin Pop-Up Workshop
Get to know the history of one of our pre-colonial writing system and it’s cultural significance while learning how to read and write Baybayin. This lecture and workshop are handled by Stories from the Barrio and We are Lefty for the celebration of Buwan ng Wika.

What to expect:
  • Introduction of We are Lefty and Stories from the Barrio
  • Lefty: Living in a Right-Handed World
  • History of Baybayin
  • Learn how to read Baybayin
  • Practice Writing Baybayin
  • Learn how to write your name in Baybayin
  • Brush Calligraphy Demo
  • Write your Baybayin name using brush and ink

Materials will be provided.

This is open to both left-handed and right-handed folks.
Left-handed folks get a 1 free non-smudge pen until supply last.
Instructor: Nate Legaspi of We Are Lefty 
August 17, 1pm-4pm
Snacks and drinks will be provided. 
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