Kalye Artisano: Sustainable Fashion and Lifestyle Hub in El Nido!
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THE Shops at Kalye Artisano

Kalye Artisano is a pilot concept aimed at empowering and harnessing the trade of local craftsmanship and knowledge in areas that are in danger of being taken over by globalised touristic demands and needs. To achieve this, we create a physical space in a vicinity that we call Kalye Artisano, which plays host to a variety of retail and hospitality concepts that promote everything local. We work with the local communities, artists and local entrepreneurs to harness the tradition and culture of a place.


Ka Likha by Kaingud Arts and Crafts

Our efforts to go natural begin with the ethically sourced materials that we use to create our products. Materials such as bamboo, coconut shells, rattan, drift wood, hand picked jungle seeds, shells, crystals/stones, copper and brass.


K Art Collective

In the enclave that is Kalye Artisano, Dan, Frances and Dinggot have created the niche that is K Art Collective which has for offerings, not just artworks, Palawan and Philippine crafts, artisanal products and other such novelties and collectibles. K has become home to small, independent artisans, traditional craftspeople, manufacturers and cooperatives whose products are as divergent as the Palawan landscape: artisanal soaps, oils and wellness products, handmade bamboo combs, loom-woven apparel and home decor, traditional baskets woven by the Batak and Pala’wan highlanders, amigurumi crocheted mermaids and sea creatures, bamboo toothbrushes and natural toothpaste, zero-waste products such as reusable glass, metal and bamboo straws, seaglass jewellery, Palawan delicacies and other Philippine crafts Dan, Dinggot, and Frances manage to pick up along their travels and adventures.



Manggad’s owner prides herself in sourcing local treasures from artisans all over the Philippines.