K simply stands for the multitude of things that represent the wealth of Philippines values as well as that which Filipinos hold dear: Kamalayan (consciousness), Karunun-gan (knowledge, wisdom), Kaibigan (friend), Kalikasan (nature, environment), Kali-nangan (culture).

As an advocate for small and medium enterprises, K has become home to small, in-dependent artisans, traditional craftspeople, manufacturers, and cooperatives whose products are as diverse as the Palawan landscape: artisanal soaps, oils and wellness products, handmade bamboo combs, loom-woven apparel and home decor, tradition-al baskets woven by the Batak and Pala’wan highlanders, amigurumi crocheted mer-maids and sea creatures, bamboo toothbrushes and natural toothpaste, zero-waste products, and other noteworthy Philippine crafts.