Sibaltan is a quiet and quaint Barangay north of Lio which has a certain charm that tends to make people want to stay there and get away from it all. Having only a handful of small yet decent resorts to stay in that can offer you a fairly nice room, heated water, and maybe air-conditioning, these aren’t really the things that most tourists who reach that far north want to find. Rather, these are mostly the more adventurous and “cowboy” ones that wanna get lost, get off the beaten track away from the crowd to enjoy nature at its finest. One of the known hobbies or sports to do there is kiteboarding or kitesurfing. This technical sport is a whole other level of “stoke”! Learning and mastering this sport will truly make you want to do it forever. I’ve been doing it for over 3 years now, and every time it still gets me as stoked as my first ever 10 second ride. It’s definitely one to add on your to-do list!- Teofilo ( PIOPIO expericences manager)